Vouchers and Gift Vouchers 


Adenauer & Co offers you to buy gift vouchers in the online shop. You can find them here: Adenauer & Co gift vouchers


Have you recieved a gift voucher or voucher code? Then you can find out how to redeem it here:

Adenauer & Co voucher codes can be redeemed in your online shopping cart. You do not need to register for a customer account to redeem your voucher!arenkorb abgezogen.


Have you recieved more than one voucher? Please send us the voucher codes and their value via mail and we will sum them up into one code.


Promotion vouchers: You get special promotion vouchers if you subscribe for our sea-breeze newsletter or in case of special offers, raffles and much more. Promotion vouchers can be redeemed only once.

Please note the following information: Some promotion or special vouchers anche Aktions- oder Wertgutscheine are only value from a certain purchase value (e.g. 50,- €). If in case of a return the remaining purchase value is less than this minimum purchase value, the voucher can not be reducted any more. 

However, this does not apply to percentage vouchers, as these have no minimum purchase value. Here the reduction takes place on each individual article and accordingly the goods are credited to you as they were calculated in the invoice.