Environmental Protection

Adenauer&Co. takes responsibilities and saves environmental ressources!

For Adenauer&Co. environmental protection is a high priority!

Furthermore, we forego to send bills, return notes and labels or prospects with your order. Those documents are rarely used and the printed version often goes directly into the trash. Over the course of a year the digital sending of documents saves up to many thousand paperdocuments and reduces the waste of environmental ressources. Thank you for oyur understanding and cooperation. Of course, we send you any document in printed version if you want so, in this case feel free to contact us!

The protection of our environment is very important to us, as well in the manufacture of our products as in the usage of our servers.


Our servers use 100% renewable energy sources 

To take responsibility for the environment, means to use more and more electricity from renewable energy ressources. For the power supply of the servers in the data centers, only renewable energy is used as an electricity source. Our environmental partner is the TÜV-certificated NaturEnergie AG, which is crafting green energy from 100 percent CO² free and environmental friendly hydropower. The energy generated from flowing water is from an ecological perspective one of the gentlest from of energy generation.

Energy efficient hardware

Investement decisions at the Adenaue&Co. are made by the question of energy efficieny. Inhouse measurement of power-consumption of hardware and network components give us direction for our decisions. Also thereby we contribute to the environmental protection.